By now it should go without saying that SMS marketing and text advertisements have become an incredibly viable and efficient method of connecting people with different companies.

The most common way we hear of SMS marketing is through the use of connecting customers and potential customers with different established businesses. This is often done by sending texts with different promotional and exclusive offers and discounts. It is also great for letting the customers know of different events that are happening.

While these methods are a great avenue with SMS marketing, they aren’t the sole method available. In reality, there are a plethora of different ways that SMS marketing can keep customers more connected. Below, we’re going to go over 3 alternative ways that companies are using SMS marketing that isn’t strictly related to selling products or offering exclusive specials.

#1. News Outlets

The first way is through different news outlets like CNN, Fox, or MSNBC. These platforms are entirely news-based, and rarely offer products outside of who pays for advertisements. Still, these platforms have found serious use with different SMS marketing strategies, as they use them to help maintain a connection with their audience.

For these news outlets, rather than using SMS marketing to sell products or services, they instead use them as a way to offer exclusive and early news stories and reports as well as breaking news. While much of this information will eventually hit the mainstream channels, using SMS marketing allows those connected to always get the notified immediately as events around the world transpire.

#2. Doctor Visits

The second alternative method for using SMS marketing, interestingly enough, has always been a thing even before “SMS marketing” hit the mainstream. This is what’s known as Doctor Text Messaging. What was originally just calls or messages by doctors to ensure your appointment schedule was good, has progressed into a viable doctor text message service for companies.

Today, doctors’ offices primarily defer to these different services to regularly tailor appointments and checkups with clients as well as letting them know about if their prescription needs refilling. Not only does ensure a closer connection between patients and their doctors, it also keeps them on top of any new developments that may have been revealed.

#3. Help & Support

Lastly, many of these companies have implemented a virtual helpdesk or support line that is available through SMS marketing platforms. Here, you can simply enter “Help” to get assistance regarding most business or company-related matters. Help desk features are offered regardless of the company and are usually used as a fast and easy method of assisting a customer or client with a pressing issue.