Selecting the right tax attorney can mean more money in your pocket and a brighter outlook on your financial future. For those interested in a California tax payment plan, getting in touch with a qualified tax attorney can be a smart way to obtain professional guidance and find a strategy best suited toward your goals. Tax attorneys are uniquely qualified to help clients arrange finances according to their needs, and often remove the complexities involved with preparing taxes. They could be part of a larger firm or work independently, and are often specialized in a single area of practice (such as real estate taxes, business taxes, or tax disputes).

Throughout the course of business and life, situations may arise that have an impact on your taxes or financial standing. For example, you could have a dispute with a tax authority (such as a district or state), wish to sue the IRS, or be required to appear before a tax court. Having the correct tax lawyer on your side can better prepare you for any potential litigation, and can be helpful in finding an agreement or compromise that saves a significant amount of money.

Doing proper research is crucial when selecting a tax attorney, and be sure to find one that is uniquely qualified in the area of interest to your individual goals and priorities. Ideally, your tax attorney should be someone you feel comfortable around and can confide in and communicate clearly with. If an attorney puts you off or doesn’t seem interested in your concerns, it could be best to move on to someone else. Sometimes, an attorney is not focused well enough on a specific area of practice, and may treat you as just another client on an already long list.

It’s always best to verify that an attorney has a license to practice law in your area, as well as any specific qualifications, such as a CPA license or advanced education history. Also, it is required by law for anyone doing business in tax returns to have a PTIN, or “preparer tax identification number”. This clears them with the IRS to do business. The cost of a tax attorney may vary widely, but a low-income tax clinic may be the best option for those lacking financial resources to hire a more costly professional. Always remember to ask plenty of questions related to your needs, so that you know exactly what to expect when hiring a tax attorney.