Taxation is a process that most people have no control over because of the imposition by governments. Different governments have different rules when it comes to the tax obligations that citizens are supposed to meet, which means that you should check with your local government. Understanding tax laws is difficult, which is why you should hire the help of a tax professional to help you out when you want to prepare your taxes or even file them. Tax lawyers are available to offer their services when you need them, and if you’re in California, you can seek help from To understand how taxation works, you first have to understand the different types of taxes.

Income and corporate taxes

These are taxes about your income regardless of how it is generated. Whether it’s through a business or employment by someone else, the government expects you to give a small portion of that income as tax. Corporate taxes, on the other hand, are imposed on businesses. You have to pay taxes on any profit your business makes.

Property tax

If you own any real estate property or land, then you have to pay property taxes. The amount of tax will depend on the value of that property.

Capital gains

Capital gains taxes are also imposed on specific businesses like bonds and stocks. You may have to pay them as an individual or as a business. To understand more about capital gains taxes, you can talk to a tax specialist like tax attorneys from

Sales tax

This is imposed on sales of different types of products and services. Several subcategories of taxes fall under this category, and they include value-added tax, excise tax, and goods and services tax. Sales taxes may differ in every state, and sometimes indirect taxes also fall in this category. Indirect taxes are those paid by consumers when they purchase different goods.

Inheritance tax

If you inherit a property from your loved one them, you will have to pay Inheritance tax. It can be in the form of real estate, a piece of land or any other substantial tangible property


Taxation is divided into federal taxes and state taxes. Each of the above tax categories has different sets of rules that you have to follow closely, but they can be very confusing. Working with a tax expert like attorneys from is the best way to ensure you follow them as expected. Remember that paying taxes is mandatory, and tax evasion could land you in jail. Tax revenues help governments pay for public services and infrastructure.