There are some situations where you are in need of quick cash for the purchase or transaction of a commercial or residential real estate. No matter what the amount of money you require is, or how quickly you need to have those funds in hand, the right private hard money lenders in California will help you with the financing process. There has to be a way to ensure you have the money you need for the purchase of real estate, even if you don’t have cash in hand. And, if you have less than stellar credit, you know it is going to be quite tough for you to get a lender that is willing to work with you and finance the purchase. This is where a hard money loan comes into place.

Get instant cash in hands

With private hard money lenders in California, you can have instant access to the cash you need, in order to purchase a property. Whether it is a residential plot, a mixed use building, or a commercial building you would like to invest in, with the right lenders, you are going to have access to those funds immediately. So, you are not going to miss out on a great opportunity to flip the property, or to make a huge profit, simply because a traditional bank lender is not willing to loan you the funds. 

Quick and easy application

With our team of private hard money lenders in California, you will be approved no matter what. We will

  • Review your application
  • We do not consider poor credit as a hindrance to loaning you the cash you need
  • We offer up to $20 million for borrowers who are planning on buying commercial or mixed use properties
  • We will review the application and as long as you have a great property in mind to purchase, and can show us what you’d do with the property, we are going to loan you the funds you need in order to invest in it.

You should not have to work too hard in order to receive the funds you need when buying a mixed use, commercial, or residential building. If you can’t get cash from a traditional lender, or if you are simply looking for higher lending limits than they are willing to offer you with a loan, our team is here to work with you and approve your hard money loan application today.